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Consulting , Advisory& Project mgmt for  

 1. Liquidity Risk Management, all Operations

2. Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities fraud      & related Consumer law violations including lawyer misconduct under NY LAW Judiciary law section 487.         



Treasury & Liquidity Risk Management
Stacks of Coins

Treasury  Cash & Collateral:  

 Benefit from ensuring the Treasury & Liquidity  Risk Mgt. Department is a 'Profit Center Not a Cost Center.

We perform investigative Cashflow Audits to spot  internal fraud  within the Bank or any Corporation 




Add unique Wallstreet  processes, designed for  Institutions  of all sizes, that have proven Market results and can enhance Treasury yields & Optimize idle cash. 

Fine tune existing Liquidity  Risk mgmt systems including Treasury / Cash  mgmt and  Collateral mgmt.    Add  new capabilities to existing systems or Replace existing  systems   with the most advanced technology & capabilities on the market.    We work with several technology firms by adding our expert  business knowledge & Real Wallstreet  & Corporate experience

 in running Liquidity Risk mgmt  Operations  whereby,  Treasury vendor software and Banking software was used.  Hands-on experience implementing Treasury Risk mgmt software.   

Don't be fooled by fancy tech looking screens.  We know  the right questions to ask and how to prove the software works.  

**Wallstreet Legal and Compliance Advisory for: 
 Mortgage Fraud  Consumer law Violations under the  Fair Debt Collection Practices Act  15U.S.C. 1692 The FDCPA  and
air Credit Reporting Act  under  15U.S.C. 1683.  and other  Consumer Debt violations under  15 U.S.C. Disputed Debts Validation of Debts.    

TransUnion Credit Reporting ViolationsCall immediately to stop them from causing  more damage to you! .   

 Mergers &Acquisition analysis:   

Future Outlook - Financial Overview & Analysis

*Income Statement Proforma, Balance Sheet Proforma

*Effect on stock price


*Company structure


Environmental Analysis: 

*Economic factors, Social factors, Technological factors

*Political, Legal, Regulatory factors [ Federal, State]


Industry & Market analysis

                             **Threats to entry, Substitutes , Rivalry


Stock Market Graph

Portfolio Solutions by GLC   Gain Yield on your portfolio and Optimize the use of your firms’ Collateral    Assets. The Alpha PLUS yield Enhancement Process is for Beneficial Owners of US TREASURIES, it’s an easy to implement process, brought to market by Wallstreet veteran, Lewis Goldman at Goldman Landow Capital 

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